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Bovine bingo is another of the more notable modern variations of bingo that has achieved some significant status in American culture. It is a game of chance that is is not really a form of bingo, but more a form of lottery and it's typically played for fundraising purposes for some charitable effort. Bovine bingo is set up by marking out a grid of rectangles on an enclosed land area (for e.g. a paddock or farm field) by chalking lines. The grid cells are then numbered (or otherwise identified), and chances are sold on each cell. A cow (or other livestock animal) is then let loose within the enclosure. The winner is determined based on where the first "cowflop" (defecation) lands!
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The history of Bingo can be traced way back to around 1530 in Italy where a game called Lotto was played. The name 'Bingo' actually comes from a corruption of the name 'Beano', which is the name of a form of bingo that was played in the United States around the 1920s. Beano was so called because beans were used to cover the numbers. Below we've provided a couple free bingo game links for you.

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Did you know? The average speed of a British bingo caller is 23 numbers per minute!
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